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Cutting the cord has been a great decision so far

Not even a week into this new lifestyle choice and I’m loving it. In case you missed my previous post on the topic, I finally decided to ditch cable TV and save close to $1500 a year in the process. It looks like a lot of people are doing this now more than ever. I suspect HBO Now was a tipping point for a lot of people. I know it’s one of the things that got me and Kristin talking about it.

Pain Points aka why can’t I pause live TV anymore…

Now there are some slight pain points to cutting the cord. The one most noticeable to me has been the lack of DVR capabilities on my live TV solution (HD antenna). I keep pressing the pause button on my remote out of habit when I am watching live TV and am still somewhat shocked whenever it doesn’t work (especially since all the streaming services that I do use have the ability to pause). Also, the inability to fast forward through the commercials on Hulu Plus is a bit grating. I started to look into DVR solutions that would work with an antenna, but TiVo appears to have cornered the market and there’s no device only option. I just want a DVR that will provide a buffer and maybe let me record one show while I watch another. The only solutions I’ve found that don’t involve me building it myself, so far, entail a lot of options that are lacking in any really good reliable online reviews. I’m sort of lost as to whether a cheap option like this will work, or if I need to spend a few hundred dollars.

Legit help in finding what to watch…

The other thing about cord cutting is what I mentioned last time: you’re free from the schedule of network television. This is great, but it can also be a little daunting for someone who is used to flipping through a bunch of channels and settling on something to watch. Instead you have the option to look through ALL THE GOOD VIDEO EVER CREATED and perhaps binge watch an entire show.

I don’t like binge watching though, unless it’s something like Big Tuna / Deadliest Catch in the background while I’m doing other stuff. I want more variety and it’s a bit difficult to create that organically with the plethora of options that all the various streaming services offer you.

What helps with this is apps like Andrew Busey’s Legit. Legit is a great app (iOS/Android/Facebook) that logs in via Facebook and lets you rate shows and movies and discuss them amongst your Facebook friends and compare the way you rank them to how your friends have. Sounds simple, but it has a great What to Watch section that makes recommendations to you based on your social network and links to various ways you can watch the TV show / movie immediately. There’s even an Apple Watch app for Legit.