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Angry Dad Gamer in Austin recap, a note on acting & the Moontower Festival

I tweeted about this earlier in the week, but this past Monday, I was on Victor’s show, Angry Dad Gamer, playing Halo The Master Chief Collection and chatting. We also announced my bid for the Presidency of The United States of America, but no one submitted the episode to reddit yet, nor has the $5000 been raised yet, nor have I filled out any of the forms to make it official. So, we only have a few days left in the 15 from announcement to get all that filed. Get to work internet!

In any case, in case you didn’t tune in the other night, here’s the video:

Check it out.

It was fun, but then Tuesday through Thursday of this week, I had to do actual acting, as I was playing the part of Chaotic Moon CEO, Ben Lamm, for some comic shorts that will play at the Moontower Festival. This was on one hand fun, and should result in some great funny skits for the show starring yours truly, but man, would I hate to be a professional actor. It’s all high energy followed by boredom followed by high energy followed by boredom, in little 10-30 second loops, and it is exhausting. After we wrapped shooting Thursday morning, I ended up leaving work early, because I was so tired. By the time I got home, I was feeling hot and found that I was running a 102.5 F fever that knocked me out of commission for the rest of the week.