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Ditched my Cintiq Companion and upgraded my Surface Pro 3

So yesterday, I went to the Microsoft Store at the Domain, and traded in my just under a month old i5 128GB Surface Pro 3 for the top of the line i7 500GB model. I did this with funds I made from selling my Cintiq Companion this past week on Amazon Marketplace for ~$78 more net profit than I originally paid for it (thanks to getting it this summer when Wacom was running a summer ~$500 off sale + Cintiq Companion’s being hard to come by currently while everyone awaits the release of the newly announced Cintiq Companion 2). Aside: If you want to sell old gear fast at reasonable prices, you should really investigate using Amazon. Everything I’ve listed there has sold at asking price in under a week. This time it was just 2 days. The process of setting up the new computer has been rather seamless. I had to transfer some files that I hadn’t already backed up to OneDrive while in the store, but once I got home, all I had to do was reinstall the apps that I hadn’t purchased via the Microsoft Store. Everything else was already syncing automagically via OneDrive.

So the reason for all this, besides having a separate personal machine from my work machine, which has been great, is because for all the things I’m really interested in doing right now, like working on Bosh and Bill and crafting children’s books with Jackson, the Surface is great. Not only that, but as a digital drawing device, it’s good enough to get the job done and to help me not obsess about everything being perfect. I need to become more fluid in my cartooning and relax. 256 levels of pressure is better for that than the 2K+ of the Cintiq Companion. That being said, I totally will eventually want a Companion 2 when they come out, as the screen resolution increase + the ability to use it just as a Cintiq when attached to another computer are both really cool and I do *love* Cintiqs. But that doesn’t change the fact that I need to be doing more doodling on actual paper and quick digital cleanup work rather than obsessing over the tech and the Surface is right-sized for me doodling more everywhere digitally.

Also, the difference in price between the Surface Pro 3 upgrade and the money I made from selling my Companion results in some extra money to go towards a nice large format scanner and some non-digital art supplies.

Added bonus: I no longer feel cramped on my Surface in terms of hard drive space, so I’m actually free to move more of my photos to my OneDrive archive via Lightroom than I had to date. I’ll eventually be able to stop carrying around the 2TB Seagate drive I’ve been using for keeping my photo library portable, and rely on a combination of OneDrive, plus the internal drive on this Surface, with the Seagate becoming a true external backup solution rather than a “my hard drive isn’t big enough solution.”

Aside from all this, I’m working on a big blog post about software development and engineering that I think many of you may like once I actually finish it./