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Once upon a Facebook…

I finally shut down my Facebook account. For years, I’ve said, “I hate Facebook. I love Twitter. I only use Facebook because I have to because I work on the Internet and it’s one of those things that you just have to do.” Well, you know what: No, you don’t. If I have a client who needs to know something about Facebook, or needs to set up a Facebook page, or needs me to set up an app for them on Facebook, I can easily set up a temporary account that has absolutely nothing to do with me to do so. If people want to find me and connect with me online, they can still do it through this site, my Twitter, my Flickr, and my Google+. Or they can always shoot me an email at ck at sampletheweb dot com or call me on my cell. All this information is public for a reason. I’m reachable.

Facebook was something that was getting between me and my effectiveness. It was a full on distraction. Every time I looked at my phone, there was another Facebook notification that I had no interest in seeing, but which I needed to go see in order to get it to go away. I changed my settings multiple times and this kept happening. Not only that, but the same messages were waiting for me on Facebook in the browser and Facebook on my iPad mini the next time I went to those devices.

The one thing that I ever enjoyed on Facebook were the pictures that my brother and his wife post of my nephew Emmett, but Kristin can show me those whenever I want to see them.

So after a multitude of years being enslaved to Facebook, I’m free. I was able to download all my data before killing my account and it all now lives here:


It’s much cleaner than actual Facebook for anyone interested in taking a walk down memory lane.

For my part, I’m more interested in the now and the future than the past. Facebook is the past. Onward.