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New camera strap from gordyscamerastraps.com

Although I liked the Couch Camera Strap that I got a few weeks back, I found at its longest, it was still leaving my camera hanging at just above my waste when I wore the strap over my shoulder, like I like to do. I compared its length to other straps out there on the market, and found that all of them appear to be designed for wan vegan hipster types. None of them were built for brutish 6’1″ barrel-chested me, so I started investigating camera straps that were custom made to length. There was one very nice, military grade fabric woven option that could be custom ordered for close to $100, but I thought it a bit expensive and lost the link. I had been looking at some of the Barton 1972 camera straps, which I liked, but none of them were long enough either. On the same site, I found Gordy’s Camera Straps, and took the plunge, ordering myself a black leather 64-inch horizontal lug-mount neck strap for $27. Not bad at all. It arrived on Saturday. Perfect for slinging over my shoulder and keeping my OM-D E-M5’s hanging at my waist, ready to shoot.