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Sleep No More night with Jay and Tara

Kristin and Tara in their Sleep No More masksJay laughingTara mask upNight SmokersGuy hailing cabGraffiti Mail
Kristin with mask upKristin looking at Lamborghinis with mask upJay in his Sleep No More maskTara in her Sleep No More maskDude at night with light up glassesTara ecstacy over cotton candy desert
Tara's Polish DelightWhimsical JaySerious JayJay dogTaraKristin telling me to get in the car

We went to see Sleep No More last night. There was no acting. Just a lot of grunting and contemporary dance in a very dark building with mood music and people telling you to be bold, yet directing you away from all sorts of things.

Also I got sent on a wild goose chase up and down and around looking for a restroom. I do not recommend the show.

Dinner beforehand was good though and we had fun after. Took lots of night black and white shots, collected here.

Amazing things said about the performance:

UPDATE: Kristin has posted her thoughts on the show over on her site.