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My wife has written a novel called “North Shore South Shore”; please tell everyone!

Kristin Sample
My very talented wife, Kristin Sample, has written a novel. It’s set on Long Island and is titled “North Shore South Shore.” It’s been complete for about a year now, but she is about to stop her employment at the high school where she teaches and is actually moving towards publishing the novel. Here’s some information about it from her site:

About the Book
Boy meets girl.
Boy loses girl.
Girl ends up running a crime family.
Kylie Baines and Matt Tracy were high school sweethearts but as their college careers draw to close, they are worlds apart. Can they find their way back into each other’s hearts with all the secrets, drama, and Kylie’s new role as Styles, acting head of the Baptiste crime family? Find out their stories and hear the stories of Ben Carrick, Matt’s best friend, and Colette Baptiste, Kylie’s cousin in North Shore / South Shore.
Buy on the Kindle, Nook, and iPad–Summer 2012!

If you want to see what it’s all about, you can start reading it now (the first several chapters are online ready for your reading enjoyment).

Kristin has also started a Facebook page for the book, so if you use Facebook please head over and give it a like. Over the course of the summer, I’m going to aide her in self-publishing the novel and we’re going to most likely start a Kickstarter Project to help cover some of the promotional cost and the cost of getting a nice cover for the book and incentivize donations via discounted early ebook copies of the book. So please stay tuned. Any help in spreading the word about this is greatly appreciated by the both of us.