So, in case you haven’t heard about this yet, there’s a whole big hubbub going on over the fact that Apple has a file on your iPhone and/or iPad that logs every time your location data has been captured. Everyone is sort of “OMG APPLE IS TRACKING ME!” Huge grain of salt post here. Also, this post nicely points out that you gave them permission to do this if you ever use any location based services on your iOS devices.

I decided to download the iPhone Tracker app that grabs this invisible file out of iTunes and maps it for you and map out the travels of my iPad 2. Interestingly, it seems to have data from both my iPad and my iPad 2 (since I restored my iPad onto my iPad 2 when I got it).

First, there’s my regular sort of moving in and around the New York area:

Here’s my recent trip down to Dallas for the Breaking Development Conference:

And then here’s my trip last Christmas to visit my family where we flew into New Orleans and then drove up to Jackson, Mississippi:

Why am I sharing all this top secret personal information with you?

Well, because, I already tweeted it.

Dear everyone freaking out over this:

Get over yourselves. Thanks!