Review: NXE Recline iPhone 4 Case

The people at NXE sent me a few Recline iPhone 4 Cases to review. The Recline snaps on the back of your iPhone 4, leaving all the ports and controls nicely accessible, and gets its name from a handy, and somewhat stylish slash that kicks out from the back to act as a stand for propping your iPhone 4 up in either portrait or landscape mode. This feature works great for watching videos in landscape mode, however, propping up the iPhone 4 in portrait mode (useful for things like FaceTime chats) is a bit of a balancing act and tends to slip from time to time until you get it exactly right for whatever surface you are propping your iPhone 4 up on. This is the one thing about the Recline case that is both a little frustrating and somewhat disappointing, but it is not a deal-breaker, as when you do get it balanced correctly, it does a fine job of holding the iPhone 4 up in portrait.

Aside from the reclining features themselves, the Recline is a really good case for the iPhone 4. The black plastic of the case itself has a matte finish on it that makes it feel soft and comfortable in your hand, while adding a nice grip to your iPhone 4. It also manages to do this without adding any noticeable bulk or weight to the iPhone 4. It’s also pretty resilient and sturdy. I tested dropping my iPhone 4 from various normal usage heights (off a table / out of my pocket, even from up by my head as if I were talking) and the Recline kept the iPhone 4 nicely protected from the impact of being dropped.

Also, the red, pink or greyish kick out stand, when folded flat against the case makes for a stylish little bit of flair to what would otherwise be just another black looking case. My wife immediately wanted to know if the pink model would fit on her iPhone 3G. Unfortunately, the case is exclusively designed to fit the iPhone 4. It fits snugly and avoids interfering with taking photos, shooting video, or using any of the peripherals you would normally use with your iPhone 4.

The Recline is $29.99 and if you don’t mind the mild frustration of balancing it for use as a portrait stand for the iPhone 4, you can order yours directly from NXE.

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