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Kensington PowerBack Battery Case for the iPad & aiPower i616 Battery Case for iPhone

My parents got me two powered accessories for Christmas: the Kensington PowerBack Battery Case for my iPad and the aiPower i616 Battery Case for my iPhone 4. The iPad case is amazing. It definitely adds some bulk to the iPad, but it doesn’t really add any noticeable weight with that bulk. It has a soft rubbery back and a nice opening around the Apple logo on the back of the iPad that makes it a good way to grip the iPad. It also has an integrated kick-out arm that converts the entire thing into a stand. So far I love it. I left my iPad running nearly all of Christmas Day, and it remained at 100% charged until around 8pm yesterday thanks to the extra power pumping into it from this case.

The aigo aiPower i616 case for the iPhone 4 adds both weight and bulk to the iPhone 4, but it looks to add a full extra day worth of battery charging, and there’s an integrated USB cord in the case, so you don’t have to carry anything else with you to charge or sync your iPhone. My only complaint is that it had a little sticker-like circuit-based button on the left-hand side of the device that says “Check” and which is used for checking how much charge is left. I say ‘had’ because I thought it was actually just a sticker and I ripped it off immediately after getting the case. So I can no longer check to see how much charge is left, but whatever. It works nicely.

I also got the lighted case for my Kindle 3 and a Steve Ditko book. Nice.