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Jackson’s Christening & iMovie for iPhone mini-review

Click here to watch this same video in HD.
This video, a compilation of pictures and videos from Jackson’s Christening on June 26th, 2010 was put together on iMovie on my iPhone 4. Unfortunately, I was not able to export the movie at all until yesterday due to a bug in iMovie that caused it to crash when exporting videos with lots of images in them. Yesterday, Apple finally released an update to iMovie that fixed this bug, but which still leaves the app with several problems.

Thanks to all our friends and family who came to celebrate the day with us, especially my brother Kevin, Jackson’s Godfather, and Kristin’s sister Maggie, Jackson’s Godmother. Jackson (and Kristin and I) is blessed to have such a large group of caring family and friends to help Kristin and I bathe him in love so that he grows up big and strong and happy.

Also, as I noted several times the day of the Christening, now that he’s been baptized warlocks will no longer be tempted to steal him away to be used in a flight spell. ;-)

iMovie for iPhone mini review:


You can edit videos directly on your iPhone (let’s not overlook how incredibly cool this is. It is a huge pro.)


  • The Theme background music doesn’t loop and doesn’t play the entire length of the movie and there is no way to add more music to fill in the blanks, so about a minute into this 2 minute movie, the music stops. This totally sucks.
  • For some odd reason, once the video is exported and off of the iPhone and uploaded to YouTube, the theme music sounds different. Some of the high notes are lost. This totally sucks.
  • You cannot add titles over slideshow portions of the video. You can only add titles to video clips. This totally sucks.
  • If you do add titles to a video clip the titles remain on the screen for the entire video clip. There is no way to make a short intro title besides trimming your clip to the length you desire and then re-adding it and trimming off the front part to match. This totally sucks.

Also, another problem that is really more of an iPhone 4 / iOS 4 issue than an iMovie issue: The only option for sending your video immediately online for viewing from the iPhone is by emailing (but if it is over a minute, you cannot email it) or by uploading to YouTube. Uploading to YouTube compresses the video to non-HD quality first. This is idiotic. This totally sucks. Apple needs to fix this. Now, other apps like PixelPipe will upload the full HD video, but only if it is under a certain size.

Overall, I’d say iMovie for iPhone is buggy and only useful in severely limited ways. I recommend against buying it yet.

Bonus video uploaded via PixelPipe directly from my iPhone 4:

View in HD here.