iPad apps I regret buying and which you should avoid

I have a screen on my iPad dedicated to apps that I regret purchasing, that I recommend others avoid, and which are just sitting there on the off chance that they receive an update that actually makes them turn from being crap apps to being useful apps. (Aside: check out how cute that picture of Jackson is as wallpaper!)> Anyway, here’s a screenshot of that screen:

iPad apps I regret buying

  1. StoryPages iPad Edition looked to be an interesting storyboarding app where one can draw a rough sketch and annotate it below. Well, unfortunately it sucks. The lines are all jagged and yuck, so it’s pretty much useless.
  2. SketchPad HD is one of those launch day apps that EVERYONE was recommending and saying was awesome. Well, it’s not awesome. It sucks. Again, the drawing lines are all jagged and it tends to crash all the time. Also the default color for drawing is RED and you cannot set new notes to default to any other color. Additionally, the free Adobe Ideas kind of renders this obsolete.
  3. SplitBrowser does one thing really well: It gives you two side by side browser windows. I found this extremely useful until I found Atomic Web, which with its multi-tab goodness and persistent tabs renders SplitBrowser entirely unused. If more features arrive in a later update, I might revisit this app, but for now it’s in my deadpool.
  4. Office2 HD came highly recommended from a friend, so I bought it, even though I already had the iWork suite. I mean, it was only $7 all in and it is supposed to integrate with Google Docs. I was cautious about buying it because a few of the reviews said that it tended to mangle documents. My friend assured me that the latest update to the app fixed this problem, so I bought it. After about a day of use it mangled my first document. Also, the icon for this app sucks. It’s all jagged, colored sperm. And, with its last update, DataViz DocsToGo announced that the next update would make the app a universal app, adding iPad compatibility. I’ve loved DocsToGo on my iPhone for a while, so I’m sure it’ll be a great replacement for this and the entire iWork suite once it arrives.
  5. Layers Pro is a drawing program that draws jagged lines. That’s entirely unacceptable. Don’t buy it. Brushes had the same problem and then got an update that made it great. Hopefully, Layers Pro will get the same treatment in the near future, so that it isn’t just $9.99 I wasted.

Any to add? Share them in the comments.

A note to my fellow app reviewers

Please STOP praising crap apps and feeling sorry for developers who didn’t have a real iPad to test on. Your praise of apps that aren’t up to snuff is doing a disservice to your readers, making them waste money on apps that they shouldn’t. I’ve seen a lot of glowing reviews that acknowledge a few problems but don’t really take a critical eye to the application at hand. This is a total abuse of the trust your readers place in you. Stop it now.

Editors: please make sure your reviewers know that sometimes they need to be cruel.

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