Jackson with his Grandparents and a week of changes

My parents flew up on Wednesday from Jackson, Mississippi to meet their grandson for the first time. Here’s some pictures from the week:

It was great to see them and see them interacting with Jackson. They picked a good time to come visit him for the first time too, as he’s started to jabber and coo and smile a lot. Several times, when he cried, it sounded very close to actual English. One day when they were here, he exclaimed “Ta-a-a-tht-eee! A-uh wahnaaaaahhh WAAAAAH!” which sounded very close to a yelled “Daddy, I want a WAAAAAAAH!” In the same way those videos of pugs saying I love you sounds like human speech.

Jackson, Day 66; packed up for first day of daycareAfter last week’s vacation week of taking care of Jackson while Kristin went to work and spending time with my parents, this week is going to be a bit odd. To start, Jackson is now at daycare for the first time ever and both Kristin and I are a bit anxious about it. This his first time away from either of us for any amount of time with someone who isn’t family.

sonja head shotsAlso, last week was the trial separation of Misha and Sonja, and it all went well. Misha actually seems happier without Sonja here plucking out his feathers and being intermittently nasty. We found a family for Sonja who are adopting her this week, picking her up from Kristin’s parents house out on Long Island where she currently is. It’s a family of four with two kids who have been wanting an Eclectus for some time and have experience with birds, so I think it will be a good fit and I’m hopeful that Sonja will get the extra attention we were unable to give her and be a happier bird. It’s still hard to say good bye to her though, as she’s been with us for four years and no matter how much my brain knows that it is the right decision for both us and her, it’s a bit heart-wrenching. When she’s being a sweet bird, she really is a very sweet and great bird, who I do love. Unfortunately that has proven to be about 10% of the time, when the rest of the time she has been unhappy shrieking in her cage, shrieking out of her cage, shrieking on her perch, shrieking on my shoulder, and occasionally becoming really nasty and trying to bite us non-stop. Note: we fully warned the family adopting her of this behavior and approached it from trying to talk them out of the adoption, but they really want her and think they can give her the happy home that we couldn’t, so best of luck to them.

Aside: I’ve had my iPad for over two weeks now, so I’ll be writing a thorough review of it along with some app recommendations soon, in case you were tired of hearing non-tech stuff from me. ;-)

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