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The iPad will not destroy the Kindle; It will strengthen Amazon UPDATE

Even before the iPad was officially announced, so-called pundits and tech-prognosticators were declaring that Apple’s long-rumored tablet device would “destroy” Amazon’s Kindle. Amazon, I’m sure, doesn’t see the iPad as a challenge to the Kindle, but rather as yet another … Continue reading

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SXSW Highlights

This year was my first SXSW, although it wasn’t my first conference. As with most conferences, there was quite a bit of convoluted self-puffery by some of the panelists, quite a bit of self-promotion by the people asking questions, and … Continue reading

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How to setup a Telava Mobile Broadband Bullet on OS X Snow Leopard

I received my Telava Mobile Broadband Bullet in the mail today. This is the no-contract, use it and return it, 3G USB laptop connect card that gives you 5GBs per month of data usage for $50 and unlimited data usage … Continue reading

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Apple’s next product will garner extravagant baseless claims in headlines!

UPDATE: Direct from Apple: “iPad Available in US on April 3 Pre-Order on March 12” I‘m just imagining what all the headlines we see daily on Techmeme would say if they were forced to speak the truth. Let’s look at … Continue reading

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Announcing Bosh & Bill

Today marks the launch of my first serious endeavor into learning to create comics and to document the entire experience online: Bosh & Bill (which is now linked in the top nav of this site) officially launched today. Check out … Continue reading

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