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And that is why Google Wave is, and will continue to be, a flop

Gina Trapani, probably the greatest cheerleader for Google Wave’s success, today starts off a post about Wave, titled Frequently Asked Questions about Google Wave, with this very insightful sentence: “Even folks usually bullish about new technology still don’t understand what … Continue reading

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Project Natal’s Kudo Tsunoda vs 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander — CORRECTED

I saw this post over at Engadget about Project Natal for XBox, and immediately thought that Natal’s lead developer, Alex KipmanKudo Tsunoda (thanks to Seraphina for pointing out my misidentification in the comments below) either is styling himself after 30 … Continue reading

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Laughing pregnant belly button

Kristin has reached that latter stage of very ripe pregnancy where her belly button is trying to decide whether to pop out or not. Last night, we discovered that when she laughs now, the belly button actually pops open a … Continue reading

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