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Boogie Board Tablet mini-Review

I ordered a Boogie Board tablet (pictured above) for sketching after reading about how it was a pressure sensitive display that never needed to be charged, ran off of a watch battery, and lasts for 5+ years. As you can … Continue reading

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Overanalyzing Steve Jobs’ grammar gaffe: missing helper verb in iPad presentation

If you’ve actually watched the video of Apple’s iPad Special Event Keynote from yesterday (January 27, 2010), you probably noticed a few unpolished spots, like the Brushes developer being a little nervous with shaking hands while on stage (understandable), the … Continue reading

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Working on a comic: Bosh & Bill

So, I have started working on a comic featuring the two guys drawn above. The angry looking one in the upper left of the picture is named Bosh. He’s the half-rabbit half-human demigod (and therefore immortal) bastard child of the … Continue reading

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My hope for Apple’s announcement

I‘ve avoided jumping into the maelstrom of rumor-mongering that has exploded around the reported iSlate tablet-esque computer that Apple supposedly will be announcing on January 27th, mostly because the lion’s share of that “reporting” has been totally ridiculous, but also … Continue reading

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After years of being participant in Chinese censorship, Google stops participating due to security breaches, and the entire internet praises Google for the move?

Really?! I’m shocked to say this, but I agree 100% with Valleywag’s take on this scenario: “Only now, amid executive turnover at Google China and a continued failure to best their state-sponsored competitor there, and after Chinese hackers have endangered … Continue reading

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