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Sample The Web’s Top Posts of 2009

In case you were curious, here’s the top 10 posts: How to use Snow Leopard’s new QuickTime screen recording feature to record Hulu content for your iPhone How to Activate Windows 7 Beta with a valid activation key Microsoft Internet … Continue reading

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2010 should be a good year for me, numerically…

I was born in 1973. 1+9 = 10. 7 + 3 = 10. 10 + 10 = 20. I will be turning 37. 3 + 7 = 10. 2010. My son’s due date is 02.10.2010. Think it’s silly? James Joyce … Continue reading

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All written words aren’t covered by copyright

Authored words are covered by copyright. Correspondence is not covered by copyright. In fact, if you have letters from an old flame, you own all that correspondence, not the person who originally sent it. I left the following comment on … Continue reading

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Cloud computing in the clouds

I flew out to LA this week with the Crowd Fusion team, and besides having a head-cold the entire time, it was a very productive and fun trip. Both my flights going to LA and leaving LA were more productive … Continue reading

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My two favorite failures this week…

First, there was this wonderful set of Tiger Woods advertisements in LAX on Thursday, including this unintentionally ironic gem: The best part is the bottom line: “We know what it takes to be Tiger. Talk to us to see how … Continue reading

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