It looks like TweetDeck for iPhone has been yanked from the App Store

I first noticed this two days ago when TweetDeck posted a blog post titled TweetDeck for iPhone: Now with added Awesome (that since has disappeared from their site) announcing that a new version of TweetDeck for iPhone had arrived. I went to download it and give it a whirl, but when I started to download it, I received a pop-up message on my iPhone telling me that the item I was trying to download was no longer on the App Store. After about 24 hours, it no longer showed up when I search for TweetDeck, and that’s the way it remains. I wonder what happened. TweetDeck, did you yank your own app or did Apple pull a fast one on you?

UPDATE: Derek points out in the comments below that TweetDeck says they pulled the app because it was crashing. How is that different from the first version? And why are both versions gone?

Fortunately, I saved the full TweetDeck post, which I’m posting after the break for any who are interested in what may or may not eventually return to the App Store:

‘NOTHER UPDATE: It’s live now.

TweetDeck for iPhone – now with added Awesome

TweetDeck’s posterous 2 days ago
Good news everyone, the updated TweetDeck app for the iPhone is available now from the AppStore.

Here’s a rundown of some of the great new features we have for you in this release :

Facebook integration

You can now access your Facebook account as well as your Twitter account to ensure you always stay connected with your friends while mobile. Add Facebook columns, update your status, write on your walls, comment & like… all from within the app.

Video uploading

You can now share videos while on the move. The TweetDeck app allows you to send a videos to both Twitter and Facebook thanks to the built-in 12 Seconds functionality. You can take a video direct with the camera in your iPhone 3GS, or upload a video already stored on your phone. Just remember that any video uploaded will be truncated after 12 seconds to keep things simple.

Landscape compose mode

Need a bigger keyboard when composing your updates? Switch to the landscape keyboard and type away!

Trending Topics

Always be up to date with what’s hot in the Twitterverse with the new Twitter trends feature. You can now view the Twitter trending topics in the app and can quickly create a search column to track the tweets that are hitting the big time right now.

Tweets Nearby column

You will always know when your Twitter friends are close, thanks to the new Tweets Nearby column. Using the GPS in your iPhone you can view tweets from everyone within a configurable range of your current location.

Address Picker

You’ll never again have to struggle to type @replies correctly, thanks to the new address picker function. One touch will bring up a list of your most active friends. Touch the name of the friend you want to @reply to and their ID will be added to your tweet.

Save Draft

Need to make a phone call or check your email while composing an epic update? Just touch Cancel then Save to keep your message as a draft. Next time you return to the compose window your masterpiece will still be there waiting to be completed.

Open in Safari

Do you ever wish that you could open links direct in the iPhone Safari browser? Well now you can. Just open the link as normal then touch the Safari button to close TweetDeck and open the web page in you iPhone’s browser instead. account support

You can now add your account details into the iPhone app just like you can in the desktop version. This allows you to ensure all links that you shorten through the iPhone TweetDeck are stored in your own account.

These are just some of the highlights from a long list of update, new features and fixes that have been built into v1.1 of the iPhone app. You can check out the full changelog here.

v1.1 of TweetDeck for the iPhone is available in the AppStore here.

Uh, no it isn’t.

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  1. According to their tweets, they pulled it because it was crashing:

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