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Sigma DP2 Review

My review of the Sigma DP2 went live on Obsessable on Thursday in case you missed it. It’s a very powerful camera with a steep learning curve, so I gave it two different ratings: a lower one for the average … Continue reading

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Short link for this post: Tweet it! I hate spam. I hate stupid, pointless DMs inviting me to join in some stupid game that I don’t have time for with a link acting as Twitter’s version of the much-hated … Continue reading

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How to install Google Chrome OS on an Asus Eee PC 701

Installation Step 1: Get this build of Chromium OS and follow the instructions to get it on a USB flash drive that is at least 4GBs big. Also, if you’re on Twitter make sure you follow @Hexxeh who made this … Continue reading

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My take on AOL’s new logo — UPDATE

Wow. I mean, I thought the switch from Netscape to Propeller was a horrible mistake, but had hopes that with Armstrong coming in to steer the ship that things might turn around for AOL. But, yikes. Why would you destroy … Continue reading

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Just like Wired, Sample the Web will support the Apple Tablet

I just wanted to let everyone know, that I too will be publishing Sample the Web in a format specifically designed for Apple’s new forthcoming tablet. Just like Wired Magazine, I too have not seen this tablet, nor do I … Continue reading

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