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Foo Fighters concert on Facebook in less than 30 minutes — UPDATE

I linked to this earlier in Twitter, but it looks like I can embed it right here for you to enjoy as well:

UPDATE: 10/31/2009—Concert is over but they’re replaying it over and over and the video auto-plays on load, so I placed it after the break. Also I recorded the audio of the show so I can listen to it on my iPhone. I used WireTap Studio to pipe the audio from Safari straight to an Apple Lossless QuickTime Movie, but that meant I couldn’t listen along on my computer as it was recording. However, I noticed a link to http://iphone.livestream.com, loaded that on my iPhone and was surprised to find that it worked GREAT. I tweeted it, surprised Scoble, and he retweeted it. This in turn meant that about a thousand other people retweeted it, interrupting the concert on my iPhone with Push notifications of Twitter mentions, so I had to go to Settings and turn off Notifications. That moment really made me wish that the iPhone had some sort of real multitasking built in.

I have to say though, that I’m really impressed with how far video streaming has come. Livestream was flawless embedded here and playing on my iPhone. I remember setting up Akami streaming for Fordham University back when I worked there and it was a bit of a headache for a relatively small audience. Also, I was surprised that the slightly buffered (the iPhone stream was behind the actual web stream by about 2 minutes) iPhone livestream actually auto-adjusted when I turned the phone from portrait to landscape. Super cool. Here’s some screenshots:

And here’s the short link to tweet this story: http://ck4.us/e.


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  • Niall Harbison 11/2/2009, 6:05 pm

    Love this and the U2 one last week. You don’t have to be a genius to see that there is revenue in this model. I would defo pay about $5 to see an exclusive concert of my favorite band live streamed and I have no doubt that countless others would too :)