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Review: Polyghost

Review: Polyghost—Free Polyghost
Genre: Lifestyle
Released: September 14th, 2009
Developer/Distibutor: Last Legion Games, LLC
Version 1.0 tested on a 16GB iPhone 3GS

Last Legion Games, LLC sent me a copy of Polyghost for the iPhone to review back before the app was free. However, now that Apple has allowed free apps to offer in-app purchases, the app has gone free, so you should check it out if this review sounds at all interesting to you.

Polyghost is a photo application that lets you insert 3-D posable “vinyl” characters into pictures you’ve taken with your iPhone or that you import to the application from your photo album. As such, it’s sort of a one trick pony app, but for what it does, it does it very well. You can size and position the posable 3-D characters within your pictures, and you can even adjust the lighting on the characters to match the lighting of the rest of the photograph. The one thing missing is a shadow tool to add a realistic shadow to the 3-D character to fit in fully with the picture. Nevertheless, it does a pretty good job, as you can see in the picture above featuring my friend Jay on his wedding day as well as in the gallery of photos below.

The only character included with the application is Tim Biskup’s Helper. Additional characters are purchasable via a built in store, so you can have an entire collection to use in your photographs. What’s cool about this is that each character was designed by an actual artist and comes with an informational card describing the artist and the origins of the character.

Also, there are features built in to share via Twitter and Facebook, but honestly, I’d rather simply save the pictures to my photo gallery and tweet them / upload them to Facebook / Flickr directly from there.

If this app were still a pay app, I probably wouldn’t give it a glowing review since you have to buy additional characters, but since it’s now free, there’s no reason not to try it out. It is fun.

Review Rating: YAY!

A full gallery of the app, as well as the original press release sent to me back when this app was released can be found after the break.

Press Release:

Polyghost is an interactive, social photo sharing app that allows you to insert wild, mischievous and cute 3D animated characters into your favorite iPhone pictures. Now, you can bring your photos to life with Polyghost and share them with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter. Each Polyghost character can be manipulated and positioned to accommodate your photos and a lighting feature allows you to set the mood. Collect, snap and share the goodness of Polyghost today!

The POLYGHOST adventure begins with Biskup’s “Helper” character included with the app purchase. From there, one’s collection is easily enhanced by browsing the POLYGHOST STOREFRONT to unearth new characters.

  • Flip, tumble, twist and turn your vinyl character in the “Polyghost Viewer”
  • Bring your vinyl character to life with the “Pose Editor”
  • Express the mood of your vinyl character by setting the color, intensity and direction with 3 separate lighting options via the “Light Tool”
  • Use the “Scene Maker” and your device’s digital camera to integrate your vinyl character into new photos, or to build a customized background using your device’s existing photo album
  • No matter what you do with your vinyl characters activate the “Polyghost Social” feature to share your creations with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter

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  • Jay 10/29/2009, 6:09 pm

    I *thought* we had a wedding crasher.