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Too busy to blog

Man, oh man, I’m still busy. This past weekend, my little brother got married in Nashville, TN. Very happy for him, but sort of surreal to think of my brother as a married man. It was good hanging with my parents on Sunday and seeing my family. They were all excited to see Kristin in her current pregnant state, and readily let us know that they support naming the kid C.K. IV. We’re still undecided.

I’ve been cranking away at Crowd Fusion documentation. I also am learning quite a bit about the platform and a bit about programming in general from the process. So far, I’ve built my own link blog and URL shortening service using Crowd Fusion. Details about it can be found here. I still have some more features I want to add, and I’ll probably tear everything down and re-architect it eventually, but I’m enjoying learning and tinkering with the platform. I even bought a book on PHP and a book on CSS for reading on my Kindle.

Also, if you’re in Philly on Nov. 9th, you should come join me and the rest of the Crowd Fusion team for early access to the beta and a tour of Crowd Fusion. Sandwiches and beverages will be available.

HEY!What free time I’ve had has been spent divided between renovating my former office as our new baby room, drawing cartoon guys and various doodles on my iPhone, and playing games on the iPhone. I just bought Catan, have played it three times already, and am totally addicted.

I also grabbed SmartGo Pro, because I figured I should learn another type of strategic game beyond just chess.

One of these days soon, I’m actually going to wake up early enough or have some free time and energy to crank out the 7 or so iPhone Chess app reviews that I have backed up. Stay tuned.