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Sketchbook Mobile supports exporting PSD files with layers; why doesn’t Adobe have an iPhone app that does the same?

If you happen to read this blog regularly, you know that I’m a big fan of doodling and drawing and that I’m a big fan of iPhone apps. One of my favorite iPhone apps to date merges these two things: Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile (review here). You can see a lot of the drawings I’ve done with the app in this Flickr set and as this Flickr pool indicates, I’m not the only fan of the app.

Yesterday, a free update came out for the app that adds several new features, including the ability to email a PSD file complete with layers to yourself or someone else. Which made me think, why are Adobe’s competitors offering amazing integration with their applications that Adobe themselves don’t offer on the iPhone platform?

Dear Adobe:

You just announced that you’re going to make Flash CS5 be a tool for developing iPhone apps, you just released the Photoshop.com iPhone app for free on the iPhone (which offers a pretty cool set of filters by the way), but why on earth aren’t you offering your own iPhone versions of your flagship apps (I’d imaging you could charge $5-10 a pop and sell a mountain of them) with this same sort of integration with your full apps that your competitors are offering?

It’s a clear no brainer.

Sure you have big development teams and the cost of these apps will be more than it will make sense for you to sell at this lower price by your estimations, but you have a good chance of making up that money in gross sales and by these mobile apps being a gateway to customers buying CS5. These apps would be good marketing in addition to good apps for users like me.

Make it happen.


C.K. Sample III