Possible New Rochelle parking ticket scam or just plain incompetence?

Okay. So this is ridiculous. Remember when I got this parking ticket that I blogged about previously, but the car was listed as a white VW and my car isn’t white, the ticket was issued on a street I’ve never been to let alone parked at, and the ticket was issued at a time in the morning when my wife was at work with the car down in the Bronx? Well, after that we received another ticket for the same white VW parked in the same vicinity in New Rochelle where neither of us have ever been and issued at a time when Kristin and I were at a wedding with the car no where near New Rochelle.

So, what I’ve been doing is calling New Rochelle’s City Court. I’ve called five different times so far. Each time, someone has said that they’ll take care of this issue, that it has to go before the judge, and that it will take about a week. Each time I note that I don’t have a copy of the actual tickets and that I want a copy so I can find out which police officer is issuing the ticket. Each time the person always takes my number and says that she will call me once it’s taken care of. To date, no one has called me back.

Instead, every couple of weeks, I receive another late payment notice on the tickets that aren’t mine. Each time I receive one, I call them again. Each time, I talk to a new person and I tell that new person who I talked to before and she says (they’ve all been female) that she’ll take care of it this time. Since I haven’t received a notice in well over a month now, I think Doris, the last person I spoke with, may have actually taken care of it.

However, check this out. I just got this comment on my old post:

I also received a parking ticket from New Rochelle. I live in Massachusetts and have not even been to New Rochelle. The date it was listed I was teaching in a school in Massachusetts. Have you had any luck getting it cleared?

My suspicions

Here’s what I suspect may be happening (though I have no proof, whatsoever, so please take this as total conjecture):

  1. Some lazy parking cop has a list of license plates.
  2. This lazy parking cop goes and gets a long breakfast every morning (it’s why he/she is so fat and why he/she is incapable of being anything but a parking cop).
  3. While this lazy parking cop is sitting eating his/her breakfast, he/she just randomly picks a few of the license plates on his/her list and writes out tickets to fill his/her quota.


  1. Some near-sighted but vain parking cop doesn’t like to wear glasses because he/she thinks they make him/her look nerdy.
  2. This near-sighted but vain parking cop therefore cannot see clearly and that’s why he/she is incapable of being anything but a parking cop.
  3. He/she wanders through his/her beat and regularly gets license tags slightly wrong, issuing random incorrect late parking violation notices to people who never parked there.

In either case, New Rochelle, you seriously need to get your shit together. This is ridiculous and even if it is just incompetence, it sure as hell smells of corruption.

Dear people of New Rochelle:

Your parking enforcement is doing you, its people, a great disservice.

If you are a business owner in New Rochelle, you should be outraged by this. I refuse to shop or do any business in New Rochelle any more because of this, and I would imagine I’m not the only one.

If you are a New Rochelle resident, you should be outraged by this. I will never move into your town because of this, and I’m sure I’m not the only potential buyer of your property unwilling to move there because of things like this.

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2 Responses to Possible New Rochelle parking ticket scam or just plain incompetence?

  1. Peter says:

    Wow I never expected someone to have such an explicitly similar experience to mine from my mere google search. I just received a ticket in the mail also from New Rochelle and I have never ever been there. I live in albany and I believe on the ticket it says my car is black when the actual color is white. Is this really such a scam? Did you clear it?

    • They seem to have stopped sending me late notices after the last call to them about the issue (which was about the 6th or 7th such call), so I’m assuming that it is finally taken care of.

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