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Google Sync push support for Gmail seems to be faking it

Although you’ve been able to keep your Contacts and your Calendars synced wirelessly between your Google Accounts, your desktop apps, and your iPhone via Google Sync for a while now, Google finally added push Gmail support today. However, it’s not … Continue reading

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A second look at GoGo Inflight

Although I was presented with a $12.95 purchase now option when I initially logged into GoGo InFlight on my return flight from San Francisco, I found that simply re-entering the code from the card that I had used on the … Continue reading

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TechCrunch 50: My favorite parts

I had an amazing time this week at TechCrunch 50 for a variety of reasons, and thought I’d post about it here, as both a reminder to future me of good times, as a shout-out to all the great people … Continue reading

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Nice recap of TechCrunch 50 over in’s blog section, where Chris Nuttall writes the following in “TC50 start-ups are flickering beacons of success”: “One service that impressed me, but was met with indifference by the judges, was Crowd Fusion. … Continue reading

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Crowd Fusion Presentation Video from TechCrunch 50

Check it out: Thanks Ustream for doing a great job at cranking out these videos!

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