BNO News iPhone app Drama

LATEST UPDATE: More proof that this kid doesn’t know what he’s doing. Because of this post, I’m guessing, Breaking News has blocked me from following him on Twitter. Censoring your critics from being readers = bad move, kid. I wonder how MSNBC feels about this type of strategy…

UPDATE: All information about the BNO News iPhone app has been removed from BNO News at this point. Looks like the app is officially done.UPDATE: BNO News seems to have changed its mind and will continue supporting the BNO News app for the iPhone. Thanks to @jamch for the update. All the information below in this post is now out-dated but I guess I’ll leave it here for anyone who wants a case study in how *not* to handle an internal company disagreement.

BNOnews, which is a cool little Push notification app that sends breaking news to your iPhone via Push, just sent out this notice:

The BNO News iPhone application is no longer supported by BNO News. For more information contact less than a minute ago

What? Okay. So then I go to their webpage and I see this:

Mixed messages much? “Buy our iPhone app, we no longer support it.” I’m sending them an email to see what’s up.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like this app is totally headed to the dead pool. Thanks to @AmazingAngie for directing me to a few tweets from RodrigoMX that tell the story behind what’s happened. There’s a screen-cap below in case someone deletes them laterUpdate: Looks like that was a good move. All the tweets have been deleted. According to one of the tweets, we can all ask for refunds if we’ve purchased the app.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Looks like this is still developing. I can’t believe they’re arguing about all this publicly. *turns up the volume and shoves more popcorn into his mouth* Here’s the latest two tweets:

pottedmeat: @RodrigoMx I sent an email to @mpoppel. The category mixup was a complete accident. We forgot to rename “Life” to “Terrorism”

RodrigoMX: @pottedmeat Im so sorry.. I know that we cant blame you, but your friend has serious issues. We don’t need insults everyday.

For those of you wondering how to get a refund for BNO News iPhone app, follow these steps: “1. Open iTunes. 2. Log on to your account. 3. Go to purchase history. 4. Report a problem. 5. Fill out form with reason for refund. 6. Wait.” that I found via this helpful post.


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