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Top Grossing Apps list added to App Store

I was checking out the new Genius feature in the App Store on my iPhone, when I noticed a new list next to the Top Paid and Top Free lists: Top Grossing.

I’m somewhat surprised that Apple is sharing this information after all the secrecy about it for so long. The list is also available via the regular iTunes Store now in the App section (no top grossing in Music or Videos, however). It’s also unclear what time period it covers. TechCrunch thinks this new list will finally give premium apps a chance (But isn’t that what press is for?). More discussion about this new feature here.

As for the App Store Genius recommendations: It’s recommending a lot of things that are related to applications that I have but which I don’t use as much as other apps, so I think it’s a step in the right direction, but not quite there yet. It feels more like some person who doesn’t really know me saying, “I dunno. You might like this” as opposed to an insightful genius saying, “This is precisely what you need.” However, other people seem to think this new feature is the bees knees.