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Flickr disappoints with long overdue iPhone app that under-delivers

Review: Flickr—Free Flickr
Released: September 5, 2009
Developer/Distributor: Yahoo!
Genre: Photography
Version 1.0 tested on a 16GB iPhone 3GS

Flickr finally released a Flickr iPhone app, which does one thing very well: it lets you upload a single image at full quality from your iPhone to Flickr easily, complete with tags and even added to a set. That’s great, and I’m glad they finally did so (well over a year after apps came to the iPhone). Yahoo!’s Yodel Anecdotal blog announced the arrival of Flickr, Fantasy Football, and Yahoo! FInance in the App Store earlier today.

However, there are multiple features that this app lacks that illustrate nicely how Yahoo! continues to run all of its properties in a half-assed fashion*. Here’s my quick list of problems with the app:

  1. No batch photo uploads. If I want to upload more than one photo to Flickr, I can simply view my photos on my iPhone, select multiple photos simultaneously, choose copy, and then paste them in an email addressed to my secret Flickr email address that posts pictures directly to my Flickr account (and has been a feature of Flickr for well over 3 years).
  2. No way to post photos to Twitter or my blog directly from the app. If I navigate to regular non-mobile Twitter on Mobile Safari on my iPhone, I can visit individual photo pages and click the share link and post the photo directly to Twitter or to my blog. I can also go to the individual sizes of an individual photo and grab the embed code to easily copy and paste into a blog post. I can do neither of these things from the new Flickr iPhone app. The only thing I can do is send an email link to the photo I’m currently viewing (but I’ve already crashed the app twice while doing so).
  3. Half the time when I click on You, I get this Empty Photostream message, which makes me think all my Flickr shots have been erased:
  4. It keeps crashing on me.
  5. The main screen keeps showing me a slideshow of 1938media’s photos. No one wants to see that (even if he is one of my contacts). ;-)

Why release an iPhone app that isn’t even as functional as your website in Mobile Safari, Yahoo!?

More discussion about this new app here…

Review Rating: Meh.

Note: If you want a great Flickr iPhone app that allows for batch uploading of pictures, tagging, and assigning to sets that is also free, then check out FlickIt (free; direct iTunes link); I highly recommend it, although I’ve given up using it since I got my iPhone 3GS, simply because it can’t handle the full resolution pictures of the iPhone 3GS as simply as a batch copy into an email can.

*Full disclosure: I own exactly 5 shares of Yahoo! stock.

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  • mimbrava 9/8/2009, 4:34 pm

    I agree. It also shows comments in backwards chronological order from the way they appear on Flickr (not that important) and do not show the posting times (a little more important) and (more important) doesn’t let you invite photos to pools. It’s also horribly slow and crashed on me twice in a few minutes. Except in an emergency, I’m going to pass on using it till some upgrades fix the problems.

  • mimbrava 9/8/2009, 4:35 pm

    Make that “…does not show the posting times…”