…and heralding his own correct assertions, this section of John Gruber’s admission that he was dead wrong about AT&T* being to blame for the Google Voice App not being approved for the iPhone falls a little flat:

Based on Apple’s response, it seems my “devil’s advocate” hunch in my initial piece on this was pretty close to the mark: that it’s about Apple’s competitive relationship with Google. Put another way, Apple does not want to make it easy or seamless for iPhone users to use Google’s phone service.

Also, Apple’s response, as well as AT&T’s, completely contradicts the information I reported from “a reliable little birdie”

Any future information from this source will be noted accordingly.

When I wrote about this same issue a few weeks ago (item #1 in the list), I noted that it was ridiculous how many sites were writing about the issue and pointing fingers alternately at different times at both AT&T and Apple with absolutely no facts to support their claims. What’s really ridiculous is everyone pouring over all the FCC filings and continuing the same stupid wild conjecture, guessing game trend.

Aside: it is interesting to read Apple’s actual response to the FCC in comparison to my imagined response of how Apple might respond to recent criticisms.

*Full disclosure: I own exactly five shares of AT&T stock.

4 thoughts on “For a blogger who seems to enjoy lambasting others’ mistakes…

  1. Of course what’s in the official letters and what really went down could be different. Either way, Gruber just lost a ton of credibility and he’s back to being just another blogger seeking page views.

  2. “Of course what’s in the official letters and what really went down could be different.”

    Michael Arrington’s headline “The Truth: What’s Really Going On With Apple, Google, AT&T And The FCC” made me ask the question to myself. How do we know this to be The Truth? If Apple colluded with AT&T to block Google Voice, it won’t admit to it publicly. Especially to the Federal Communications Commission. That would be throwing the exclusive U.S. carrier, which is heavily subsidizing the iPhone, under the bus. I think there is no way that Apple would do that. Okay, I’ll take off my tinfoil hat now. :-)

    1. True, none of us know what happened. Yet lots of people keep making assertions as if they do. The reason I wrote this post is because Gruber is always screaming in anger at other bloggers or reporters misreporting what happened, yet when he admits that he himself was wrong, which he does in his post, he glosses over it and blames it on a formerly trustworthy source that went sour. Dave is right; he’s just another blogger seeking page views (and perhaps pursuing them a bit more zealously than he should since they pay his bills).

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