Mail and contact import for everyone… unless you’re on Google Apps

Google has released the ability to import old email into Gmail for “everyone” now. Except they haven’t. When I open my Google Apps email, the functionality is still not there. Just like every other new feature that Google rolls out.

I wouldn’t complain about this (yes I would, but maybe not as much as I do), if it weren’t for this one setting in Google Apps under Domain Settings—>New Services & Pre-release Features, which reads:

Enable pre-release features
Certain features launched to consumer users are held back by default from Google Apps until they’re more mature. If you select this option, these pre-release features will be enabled for your users. Learn more

Every time Google announces some new feature, this manages to annoy me to no end. I understand that rolling out services across a large number of users takes up resources and a lot of time, but if you’re going to offer that checkbox option to turn on early access to pre-release features, please make sure it actually does something! Inevitably, I have to wait weeks for new features to roll into my account.

//rant off

More can be read about this news here…

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  1. google fan says:

    LOLZ ! happen with everyone buddy.

    Google will eventually learn.

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