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How to run your site from your iPhone: Essential iPhone Apps for the Mobile Webmaster

webmasterThere are several extremely useful iPhone apps out there that I use to keep my site running and that will help you not only post to your blog while on the go, but also manage server end things when you’re away from your computer. This wasn’t something that was really fully possible before iPhone OS 3.0 and the ability to cut and paste text, but now, you really can do all your blogging or site authoring from the iPhone (with the exception of viewing any Flash apps or easily copying and pasting YouTube embed code into your site). I’ve found several of these apps invaluable myself, so I thought I would share the list here:

  1. WordPress App (Free; direct iTunes link)—If you run your site on WordPress, the free WordPress app for iPhone is a no-brainer. It lets you work on drafts and publish while on the go. Sure you can manage to do this via Mobile Safari, but the app makes things a bit easier with less pinch and zoom madness. If you’re not on WordPress, but on TypePad, there’s an app for that too (direct iTunes link). UPDATE: If you are using Crowd Fusion, you can just edit directly from Mobile Safari.
  2. FTP On The Go ($6.99; direct iTunes link)—This application is simply amazing and one of the best purchases I have ever made for my iPhone. You can set a password for the entire app to keep it safe from prying eyes. You can set up to access multiple FTP accounts. You can connect securely via SFTP. You can open and edit files in the apps’ built-in text editor, which also has find and replace and go to line functions. Typing edits in your files works in both portrait and landscape typing mode. You can download and save a local copy of the files to your iPhone. You can then email the files to yourself or others via an integrated email function that plugs into Mail.app for sending. You can use the FTP On The Go to upload local images to your FTP server. You can CHMOD files. The list goes on and on. You can basically do every task you would normally do with a full-featured desktop FTP client and it even has a built-in browser for previewing your changes in the app. I highly recommend this application. Want to know more about it? Make sure you check out all the video tutorials on the FTP On The Go site.
  3. Cumulus (S3) (I’ve previously reviewed this app here; $3.99; direct iTunes link)—if you use Amazon S3 for any of your online storage, then Cumulus (S3) is a must-have iPhone app. It lets you navigate all your storage buckets and you can upload pictures and videos directly to S3 via the app, copy and paste a link to the uploaded file, email the link to the uploaded file, or immediately post the link via Twitter (I do this often myself for posting videos quickly online at a higher quality than is offered by YouTube).
  4. pTerm ($4.99; direct iTunes link)—pTerm is an SSH, Telnet, and raw TCP client for the iPhone based on PuTTY that works in both portrait and landscape mode. I use this to ssh wherever I need to to run commands. It, like FTP On The Go, has its own integrated browser for checking your changes if necessary and offers Ctrl, Esc, Tab, PgUp, PgDn, and arrow key support. It’s great. Alternately, there is also iSSH ($4.99; direct iTunes link) that offers both SSH and VNC functionality, but I haven’t used it and cannot speak to its effectiveness (although it also is rated 4+ on iTunes).
  5. Analytics App ($5.99; direct iTunes link)—This is a great app for accessing Google Analytics from the iPhone.
  6. Brushes ($4.99; (direct iTunes app)—Although this app is mainly known for being used to create the cover of the June 1, 2009 issue of The New Yorker, it’s one of the few drawing apps for the iPhone that will let you import a picture so that you can draw on top of it, should you want to draw some arrows or some more unsightly things like what Perez Hilton always does. An alternative would be Layers, which I reviewed previously (but which oddly crops all images into a square).
  7. Crop For Free (Free; direct iTunes link)—hey, it’s free and it lets you crop images. Wunderbar!
  8. FAIL Maker (Free; direct iTunes link)—this little free app lets you make FAIL and LOLCATS pictures rather easily, if that’s your thing (again, it’s a freebie).
  9. Google Reader (free; web app) or Fever ($30; hosted web app which I reviewed previously) for following your RSS feeds while on the go.
  10. Mobile Safari and your webhost’s webpage—Media Temple has a nice little iPhone app version of their interface that is a simple iPhone web app, but you can most likely do quite a lot of the things you have to do via your host via Mobile Safari and their website. Most registrars, like GoDaddy, also have versions of their sites that play nicely with the iPhone.

That’s my list. With this set up, I can write, run, and manage this site without a computer whenever I need.

Am I missing any great apps? Let me know in the comments below.

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