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Sample the Web is now hosted on Media Temple

Media TempleThis is just an FYI. I’ve left Steadfast Networks. Here’s why. Based on my experiences, I would recommend that you avoid ever using them. I could be the rare case of poor customer handling, though. It seems like every host has it’s fair share of “avoid HOSTNAME” blog posts floating around, probably because they all have problems.

I’ve nearly finished migrating all my sites. Hopefully this will be the last WordPress migration I have to go through. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to do, thanks to WP-DBManager plugin. Here’s a write up I did a while back on how to easily move your WordPress blog to a new host. There’s still a few kinks I have to work out (like a p.i.t.a. Thesis image bug that is occurring site wide), so sorry for any hiccups. I hope to have the bugs squashed soonish.

Also, as part of the move, I changed the Lifestream of this site from the bulky Sweetcron-based lifestream that I set up back in September of last year to this new cleaner lifestream powered by the WP-Lifestream plugin that I discovered via Jenny (aka The Shifted Librarian). Now I just have to figure out how to convert the MySQL dump of the Sweetcron version to a web-readable file hosted somewhere on this site. Not a high priority right now, but something I’d like to do. I’d love any suggestions here.

One really cool thing about this Lifestream plugin is that I can drop the Lifestream in anywhere just by inserting the word lifestream within [brackets]. You can even dictate a limited number of items. You can see this in action the continued portion of this post, if you like, where I’ve included my Lifestream limited to the 10 most recent items.

[lifestream limit=”10″]

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