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Moving this site this weekend – UPDATE (Nevermind)

Just a note to let readers of this blog know that I’m moving this site this weekend from shared hosting (where it currently is) to a dedicated IP virtual server. This should all happen seamlessly for all of you, but just in case the site goes down for a while, you’ll know why.

Also, big post coming after the move is complete. I discovered something very interesting this week that I’ll probably be sharing tomorrow.

*Note: the picture accompanying this post is my new Marc Ecko Stormtrooper hoodie that arrived this week. Can’t wait until it gets cold and I can wear this sucker!


UPDATE: So I managed to transfer everything over to the dedicated IP virtual server with little problems, but once it was all there, the site kept running out of memory and shutting down the web services, resulting in this site being down. Not good. So, I’m canceling it and back to where I’ve been.

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  • Mike 8/15/2009, 12:39 pm

    Has it got Ewoks on the front, dude? I think you actually wanted to show us your nice hiney.

    • C.K. Sample III 8/15/2009, 8:41 pm

      No ewoks. One of the other Flickr pics has the front shot with storm trooper helm and blasters over the heart. And although I don’t think this particular picture highlights it, I do have a phenomenal ass.