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Review: Fun Booth

Review: Fun Booth—$0.99 Fun Booth
Released: August 6, 2009
Developer/Distributor: SpoonJuice/Rohit Singal
Genre: Photography
Version 1.0 tested on a 16GB iPhone 3GS

I‘ve included a full gallery of pictures depicting the different “photo-enhancements” offered by Fun Booth. The app lets you add fun extra bits to your photos and it does a pretty good job of spotting the face in a photo and placing the extra prop graphic on the face. You then can zoom in or move the prop graphic around to fine tune its placement. It’s definitely a fun little application for making goofy shots of your friends that allows you to save the adjusted pictures as new pictures, assign the pictures to your contacts, or upload the adjusted images to Flickr or to Twitter via TwitPic. And at $0.99, it’s reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, Fun Booth has 4 problems that keep it from being a fun, YAY! rating:

  1. You cannot move, zoom, or adjust the picture that you’ve taken or imported into Fun Booth for better placement. If you have a picture with 3 people and you would really like to zoom in on the face on one of these people, you’re out of luck.
  2. The addition of props is totally random, so you have to keep on going through props until you find the one that you want. Ideally, there should be a menu via which you can select a specific prop to be used with a specific picture.
  3. There is no way to rotate or adjust the angle of the props. Granted the face recognition abilities of Fun Booth attempt to do this for you, but it would still be a useful feature for whenever that recognition misfires.
  4. Several of the props available are violent, gory, and one of them is a pile of poo. Not really fitting for kids, which would seem to be the main potential target audience for this app.

That being said, Fun Booth is fun, so if it looks like the kind of thing you’d enjoy, go get it. Make sure you see the full gallery of pictures below (Apologies for the gallery being whacked, but WordPress’s gallery function is failing me with out of memory errors grrr….).

Review Rating: Somewhere between Meh and YAY!

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