Twitter is suffering the biggest downtime it’s had in quite some time. Please feel free to freak out like the people pictured below. More on the outage over here. Evidently it’s a denial of service attack and not, as I’d previously thought, the result of Scoble unfollowing everyone. Facebook and Livejournal also appear to be affected by the attack.

UPDATE: Official Twitter blog post about the denial of service attack. Oh, and yes, everyone is freaking out about all this news. The Twitter status blog has a bit of information about the DDoS attacks, as well.

UPDATE AGAIN: All this appears to have happened because of someone targeting one guy. Does a tree falling in a forest make a sound if no one tweets about it? Also, it’s been down again this morning… Hmm… maybe we should all jump ship to

[Image via my never-updated web comic, Screaming Tongue]