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FreeAppAlert aka “Take my iPhone app… PLEASE.”

Lifehacker found a new website that notifies you each day of all the recently paid-for iPhone apps that have suddenly gone free: FreeAppAlert. The webpage renders nicely on Mobile Safari and can easily be added to your home screen for checking for freebies. Useful? Only very rarely, I think.

So far, on the three days that I’ve checked for new free apps on FreeAppAlert, all I’ve spotted is one crap-app after another. I’m sure from time to time a gem will appear, like when Wild West Pinball went free (direct iTunes link), but for the most part, this site could have just have easily been named iPhone-app Graveyard, as it is riddled with applications whose developers abandoned all hope of making any money off of them.

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  • Donna 8/4/2009, 4:12 pm

    Darn – I would of liked to have iwound – looks really good! I have to agree though, most of the apps listed for “free” are junk. Not worth the time to download – let alone to give the app a try!