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iPhone Chess apps: Glaurung vs HIARCS round 1

I love playing chess, so I thought I’d do several iPhone chess app reviews and run some app vs app games to see which one performs best. This morning I ran Glaurung, which is a pretty powerfull free chess app … Continue reading

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Sorry, but after reading the following, I couldn’t resist: “Here’s hoping I don’t awake to headlines of STEVEN FRANK RETURNS TO IPHONE because, honestly, it isn’t news, and I think everyone is rightfully beyond caring at this point. I know … Continue reading

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Are you installing Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard today? – Update: I am

Unless I can persuade Kristin to make our date night a trip up to the Apple Store in White Plains (doubtful), I won’t have Snow Leopard in my grubby little paws today. Given that it’s only $29 and things are … Continue reading

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Yelp Monocle hidden feature brings augmented reality to the iPhone 3GS

I have to put all of my “augmented reality is really just reality-augmented virtual spaces” arguments aside for a moment and note: the new Yelp update’s Monocle feature is friggin’ amazingly cool! The feature only works on the iPhone 3GS … Continue reading

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With over 65,000 iPhone apps, over 60,000 of them are guaranteed crap apps

One thing that everyone seems to overlook amidst all the discussion about Apple’s App Store being open or closed, being walled within iTunes or freely open via the internet, or being with or without an approval process is that 99% … Continue reading

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