I was going to write a detailed discussion of why I thought Daring Fireball was wrong…

But, Ian Betteridge beat me to it with this excellent analysis, which you should all read here: Daring Fireball is wrong about Microsoft’s weakness.

The main bit of evidence for how much better Apple is doing than the declining Microsoft in Gruber’s argument is that bit of unverified analysis from last week that claimed that Apple owned 91% of the market for computers costing over $1000, which is supposedly an increase from the 66% of that same market that they had in Q1 2008. Of course, Gruber, just like everyone else who was in a tizzy about this news last week, fails to ask and investigate the big gaping hole and huge question surrounding that percentage shift: Percentage of what? 66% of a booming market can be far more than 91% of a market in decline, and no one who has analyzed this story has looked at any actual numbers, as I pointed out in this post: I wonder what Apple’s percentage of market for sub-$1000 computers might be.

More discussion about this here…

Aside: Ian, as one argumentative sod to another, if you ever find yourself in New York or I ever find myself in Britain, allow me to buy you a pint. Cheers.

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