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iPadio live audio-streaming iPhone app and web service

I recorded the above livestream using iPadio (free; direct iTunes link), which I read about on TechCrunch this morning. Unfortunately, the service has 3 fatal flaws:

  1. The audio is live-streamed over a regular phone call, so I’m burning through my mobile minutes whenever I use it. Boo.
  2. Although I set up both Facebook and Twitter integration via the iPadio site before I began broadcasting, neither service updated with information that I was broadcasting live, so no one knew I was broadcasting live. Strike two.
  3. For some odd reason, the pin on my account and the pin on my iPhone do not match up and I cannot seem to make them match up, even though both the iPhone app and my account are tied into the same number. Because of this, the iPhone app does not let me tweak the metadata associated with a broadcast after I’ve finished recording, so it’s basically useless. There appears to be no way to easily rectify this problem either. Third strike, you’re out.

I’m sticking with AudioBoo (free; direct iTunes link). It’s not live live, but it’s close and it doesn’t eat through my mobile minutes.

UPDATE: So, it looks like iPadio did manage to post that I was recording to Twitter, but it didn’t do so when I was actually live broadcasting, it waited until after the fact and it has the default language recommended by iPadio, when I specifically changed it to something different on my account.

UPDATE AGAIN: Giles from iPadio has contacted me and is working to resolve the disconnect between my iPhone app and my iPadio account, so a definite plus one for customer support.