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Sample The Web Site Demographics

For the past several months, I’ve been running an opt-in survey on this site using Crowd Science, which is an interesting service. I only received two complaints about the survey while it was running, and both of these complaints were in the form of feedback on the completed survey itself, so ultimately I think it was effective and not overly intrusive. I’ve now turned it off, as the study reached enough responses to have a complete sampling according to Crowd Science. The survey garnered on average between 1-2 responses per day. I exported the results into a CSV file, which I cleaned up ever-so-slightly and uploaded to Google Documents, so that I could embed it here:

If you’d prefer to view the data on its own page, I’ve published it here. Note that the numbers are mostly percentages, except where there were multiple answers available (and unfortunately the data doesn’t clearly show you which ones fit what).

Also if anyone knows how to format Google Doc cells to auto-fit the content, please let me know. I have no idea and it’s totally unclear from Google Docs themselves (you’d think there would be an option under Format, but there isn’t that I can find).