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I wonder what Apple’s percentage of market for sub-$1000 computers might be

Alternate title to this post: Only rich Mac snobs could afford to buy computers in June in a recession.

Market research firm, NPD reportedly determined that Apple has 91% of the market for computers costing over $1000. That’s great, but what a lot of the headlines about this story are leaving out is that those numbers are only for the month of June (which is both after Apple slashed some of its still-high-priced computers’ prices and in the prime-time pre-fall semester period when all the kids will be asking for cool Mac laptops) in the middle of a recession. I’ll be surprised if they maintain that marketshare into the Fall and pre-Christmas season, especially if the economy starts to turn its current frown upside-down.

Also, I wonder what Apple’s share of the sub-$1000 computer market is. I’m guessing it’s less than one percent. In a recession. When everyone is avoiding spending money, so they’re buying sub-$1000 computers. My guess is that as much as we all want this to mean that Apple is finally rising to destroy PCs everywhere, all it really means is that there are far more crappy sub-$1000 non-Mac computers being sold than normal, so that the decrease in normal PC sales in the above $1000 price range is being mistaken as a huge triumph by Apple surging forward to success. I mean 91% of what? What were the total dollar sales during June? I need more data. There’s every chance that the 91% of June above $1000 market is actually less in raw profits than the 66% it was in Q1 2008. That would seem probable given Blodget’s report that the Mac market is still shrinking.

Don’t you just love how everyone freaks out about Apple news without really digging into any solid facts or numbers just because it’s Apple news and it drives traffic from Apple fanboys and fangirls*. ;-)

*Note: I also have not done any real digging here, but just pointed out the big *possible* gaping hole in everyone’s collective YAY!

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