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How to prolong your Kindle 2’s battery life

To get the longest battery life out of your Kindle 2, there are several steps you can take.

  1. Keep the font settings at the smallest font size where you can read comfortably, as this decreases page refreshes when reading and page refreshes expend energy.
  2. Turn off the wireless connection whenever you aren’t actively using it. The wireless connection takes up energy more than any other activity on the Kindle. You can also optionally check to see whether you are in a 3G or 1X network area. Hit the MENU button and your wireless connection speed will be displayed at the top of the screen; the first option in the Menu is also where you toggle the wireless on and off. 1X connections, because they are slower, take up more energy than the 3G connections, even when the device is not being actively used online, as the passive Whispersync is still operating.
  3. Turn off the Kindle 2 when you won’t be using it for a while (like when you go to sleep). You can turn off the Kindle 2 by sliding the power switch to the right to put the device in sleep mode and then sliding it to the right again and holding it there until the screen goes blank. Sure it’s great to wake up to your Kindle already loaded with your favorite newspapers for your morning routine, but the Kindle 2 normally finds them shortly after being turned on in the mornings, and if not, all you have to do is hit HOME then MENU and then select Sync & Check for Items to force it to find that subscription. Overnight, while in sleep mode, the Kindle 2 still connects via Whispernet from time to time to check for subscription updates and this can eat away at battery life.
  4. Avoid installing third party applications or hacks on the Kindle 2. Some of these applications, like the Savory application that lets you download and convert PDFs directly on your Kindle 2, runs an application at regular intervals to check for new files to be converted and this activity as well as the actual conversion process do eat up battery life.

Note: This tip is an excerpt from a book of tips and tricks for using the Kindle 2 that I am currently writing and will be self-publishing on the Kindle in the near future.

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  • Erik 7/16/2009, 11:49 pm

    All good points. I’ve been happy with the battery life without making much effort to prolong it. Occasionally I turn off the wireless, but I don’t turn the device entirely off ever.

  • jeanna riley 9/21/2009, 2:46 pm

    1. Is there any way to get the New York Times on Text to Speech? (I am leagally blind and depend on the Text tto Speech)
    2. If i can’t get the New York Times texted to speech, I need to cancel my subscription. How do I do this?
    2.How do I elininate books I have read?
    3. I want to comment on how much I appreciate the Kindle2. The Text to Speech is invaluable to me. TGhank you.