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Google adds Creative Commons image search, sort of

Why would Google release Creative Commons image search and not call it Creative Commons?! And why hide it under Advanced Search? And why doesn’t it return a good result for a search for Google FAIL?

Here’s what the Advanced Search functionality looks like:

Instead of calling it “Filter by Creative Commons license” or something else that would be sensible, they’ve hidden all the creative commons options under a “Usage rights” setting. How very Borg!

Of course, Google uses “Usage rights” because there are a few other free-to-use non-Creative Commons licenses thrown into the mix, like the GNU Free Documentation License, but there’s no way to search within a specific license type. More Google half-ass-ery if you ask me.

More discussion here…

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  • Harsh Agrawal [SML] 7/10/2009, 1:12 pm

    I find this feature pretty useful, though the no of clicks is too much, they should have added some direct option from Google image search page instead of advanced search.

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