iPhone 3GS review

My two-part in-depth review of the iPhone 3GS is up at Obsessable for your enjoyment. Part 1 focuses on the camera, video capabilities, and increased speed of the iPhone 3GS, and how I actually think that the 3GS is most likely going to be one of those devices that Apple improves greatly with a future firmware update, unlocking its full potential once they are done depleting their back stock of parts that belong to the iPhone 3G. Part 2 of the review focuses on all the other bits: the Voice Control, Compass, oleophobic screen, battery issues and battery life, overall performance, and what’s missing from the iPhone 3GS.

I also note that if you’re having heat issues with your iPhone 3GS and the battery is running out quickly when you’re not doing battery-intensive tasks (this is the important point), then I highly recommend that you take your iPhone 3GS in to Apple for a replacement.

The review doesn’t discuss any of the features of iPhone OS 3.0 that aren’t iPhone 3GS specific, because that’s a review of something else entirely. I hope you enjoy the review, as I think it’s much more thorough than many of the other reviews out there, and I spent extra time with the iPhone 3GS in order to write such a thorough review.

All I need is Flash support and a portable keyboard peripheral, and the iPhone 3GS could be a viable portable workstation.

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