iPhone 3gsIf you develop iPhone applications and you’re looking for someone to tell the rest of the world about your iPhone app, then feel free to contact me to send me iPhone applications for review.

I don’t think that Obsessable should become the iPhone app review show, but I do have an iPhone app section here on Sample The Web. I also love using iPhone apps and testing them, and I think doing reviews here could be fun with the occasional breakout app that is a good fit for coverage on both sites with a review on Obsessable on a non-gadget heavy news day.

So, if you’d like me to review your application and it is a good application, then feel free to email me at ck at sampletheweb dot com so that we can arrange some way for you to get me a copy of the application for testing. I’ll review it. If it is horrible, I will tell everyone that it is horrible. If it’s really useful, I’ll tell everyone that it’s really useful. If it’s great, I’ll tell everyone it’s great and even buy my own copy[Update: Unfortunately, the App Store won’t let me purchase an item after I’ve already been given a review copy]. Sound good? Good. Email me or DM or @ me on Twitter.

Also, happy 4th everyone!

Update: A note about the FTC’s new policy.