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iPhone OS 3.0-savvy push apps arrive

Two of the first useful apps with push notification for iPhone OS 3.0 have arrived as of today, and they’re both chat clients: AIM and Beejive. AIM comes in both pay-with-no-ads ($2.99; direct iTunes link) and free-with-ads versions and both … Continue reading

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Someone finally punched Perez Hilton in the face

I‘m really surprised that it took this long considering the large amounts of smack he talks, but evidently there was some sort of altercation between and Perez Hilton last night, and Perez got hit in the face. Perez is … Continue reading

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iPhone Apps purchased this weekend

After my new iPhone 3G S showed up on Friday, I found myself with all this space that I didn’t have on my old first generation 4GB iPhone, so of course, I bought a few new iPhone applications and gave … Continue reading

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Video of the Misha and Sonja after a shower

Here’s the video that I was trying to post to this blog via my new iPhone 3G S that prompted all the frustration that led to my last post about iPhone 3.0 copy and paste problems with YouTube’s video embed … Continue reading

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iPhone OS 3.0 cut, copy, and paste feature’s point of failure

I want more than anything else for my new iPhone 3G S to become my new portable blogging solution. I remarked a while back that my first generation iPhone approached my ideal of a perfect portable gadget, and I was … Continue reading

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