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Help with New Rochelle parking injustice – UPDATED

I don’t know if anyone out there who tends to read my blog or follow me on Twitter knows how we can go about dealing with this problem, but Kristin and I just received a late notice on a ticket from New Rochelle. The only problem is that although the ticket has our vehicle tag listed, the color listed is wrong, we never received the initial ticket, and it was issued at 8:45 in the morning while Kristin was at work in the Bronx with the car. We looked up the address on the ticket on Google Maps to be confronted with a residential street where neither of us have ever been. After seeing this was wrong we pulled up a file with other parking tickets that we’ve received and paid in the past.

We had received a late notice once before and we assumed that it was for one time when we parked without paying the meter, so we just paid it without looking closely. Now that we’re actually looking at the ticket information again, we discover that yet again this was a ticket issued around 8:45am in the morning in an area where neither of us have ever been and on a day that Kristin was already at work and parked.

We can get evidence to support all this from the school where Kristin teaches and contest it in court and hope that the judge listens, but clearly there is some mix up between the tags on our car and the tags on someone else’s car. How do we begin to deal with this problem? I would love any advice that anyone out there has to give.

UPDATE: Spoke with New Rochelle Parking Enforcement this morning and someone is looking into it. They have a different colored car listed as the same license tags as us, so it looks like it’s a duplicate tag issue. Hopefully this can all be resolved without us having to go to court or involve any lawyers.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Still no word from Parking Enforcement. I’ll be following up with them in the morning. I just got off the phone with a reporter from the Journal News and @TalkoftheSound aka New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound who posted about it this morning.

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  • Trevor 6/30/2009, 8:23 pm

    Get a lawyer friend to help you with this.

  • Emma 10/16/2009, 9:07 am

    I also received a parking ticket from New Rochelle. I live in Massachusetts and have not even been to New Rochelle. The date it was listed I was teaching in a school in Massachusetts. Have you had any luck getting it cleared?

    • C.K. Sample III 10/16/2009, 9:12 am

      Wow. That’s crazy. I keep being told “okay we’ll handle it” then I get another late notice and I call again. I’ve done this about 5 times so far, but it’s been about a month since the last call, so I’m hoping it’s actually handled by now.