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iPhone Apps purchased this weekend

After my new iPhone 3G S showed up on Friday, I found myself with all this space that I didn’t have on my old first generation 4GB iPhone, so of course, I bought a few new iPhone applications and gave them a whirl. Here’s the list (note: all links open iTunes):

  • Dataviz’s Documents To Go ($4.99)—Yes, I was initially going to avoid this one because it doesn’t support grabbing documents from email or sending documents via email (unless you are using Exchange; I’m not), but I figured it’s at an introductory $4.99, so I thought I might as well get it now and hope that it improves. It’s far less than QuickOffice at $19.99, but I was very disappointed that you can only copy and paste from within Documents to Go. You cannot use iPhone 3.0’s copy and paste to copy text from the document you’re working on and paste it into email. This is a huge point of failure in the app that I hope Dataviz addresses soon.
  • Edge ($4.99)—This is a cool game. Watch the video here to get an idea of how cool.
  • Fieldrunners ($2.99)—My friend Trevor recommended this as the best game for the iPhone, and I have to say it is a really nice Tower Defense game. I did experience one glitch, however, where the game for some reason let me actually close up the course at one point, so all the guys were running back in through the entrance that they came out of and the game quickly ended. Odd.
  • iFighter ($0.99)—If you used to love playing 1942, as I did, then you need to get iFighter.
  • MapQuest 4 Mobile (free)—I haven’t used it yet, but it was free, so what the heck?
  • Mecho Wars ($0.99)—This game is awesome. If you like Advance Wars on the DS, then you should get this game.
  • Melodica ($0.99)—If you’ve ever dreamed of buying a Tenori-on, save that $1000 and instead spend $0.99 on this cool little music app that is lots of fun (although I really wish it had a setting for lowering the octave).
  • SoundGrid ($0.99)—I haven’t used this yet (I just bought it when searching for the link to Melodica, as it seems to be similar to Melodica but with a few more features, like sound filters, sharing, export to MP3, etc. that make it a bit more like a real Tenori-on).
  • Mover (free)—I haven’t used this yet, but it was free
  • NYTimes (free)—I unsubscribed from all my Kindle newspapers, so now I can get my news fix via my iPhone.
  • Pocket God ($0.99)—This is one of those games that a lot of people recommended, but which is pretty dumb. It’s just you acting as a god to an island of pigmies who you torture and kill in various ways; not horrible, but I don’t think I would have spent the $0.99 if I had been able to test it on someone else’s iPhone first.
  • RedLaser ($0.99 introductory price)—Portable bar scanner. Fun.
  • StickWars ($0.99)—This one seems really stupid at first, but I really enjoy playing it. A horde of stick figures attacks your fortress wall and you use your fingers to flick them up into the air or smash them against the ground. Bloody and fun, but not really for kids.
  • Sudoku (free)—One of the free ones.
  • Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 (free)—It was free, so it’s sort of the required reading of iPhone games.
  • textPlus (free)—This free app lets you send free text messages to your friend or group of friends. Unfortunately, the text messages don’t come from your number. I’m not sure how much I will actually use this one.
  • TweetDeck (free)—I was hoping that TweetDeck, which crashed consistently on my first generation iPhone, would suddenly run smoothly on my iPhone 3G S. This was not the case. It’s a crashtastic app that I want to love, but I end up hating due to frustration. Back to Tweetie. Tweetie, if you add groups right now, you will destroy TweetDeck. This is your window of opportunity. Make it happen.
  • Underworlds ($0.99 on sale)—It’s sort of like Diablo for iPhone. Only $0.99.
  • UniWar ($0.99 sale now)—My pal Bill recommended this game after hearing me tweet about how much I enjoyed Mecho Wars. If you like turn-based strategy RPGs like Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics then you *have* to get this game. It’s graphics aren’t amazing, but it is fun.
  • The Weather Channel (free)—Downloading this free app made me feel suddenly old.
  • Wild West Pinball (free)—FREE and AWESOME!
  • WSJ-The Wall Street Journal (free)—Again free replacement for my paid-for Kindle newspaper fix.
  • Zillow Real Estate (free)—Map overlaid with prices of all the houses in the neighborhood = FASCINATING and valuable research tool for people shopping for a new home (or people who are just curious about who bought what for how much).

I already had a ton of other apps, so these are just the new ones from this weekend. Please let me know of any cool apps you grabbed over the weekend.

Developers: Find out how to submit your iPhone applications to me for review.

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  • Will Robertson 6/22/2009, 10:20 am

    The copy + paste thing is what held me off from buying Documents To Go. That, and I need to see what their Spreadsheet app will look like before I commit to either them or QuickOffice.

    • Orion 6/22/2009, 1:51 pm

      Well, I have them both and though neither have yet implemented OS3’s full Copy and Paste function I prefer QuickOffice because I can easily transfer files to either my computer or MobileMe plus you have more font options and the included cut and paste feature looks and feels like OS3. As for cost I think Quickoffice is on sale now too. I wish I had waited till now to buy it.