Despite all of yesterday’s (self-created, obsessive, neurotic) drama, my iPhone 3G S did ship yesterday via FedEx out of Memphis, Tennessee. This appears to be the case for a lot of people who ordered the white models of the iPhone 3G S, so evidently Apple had a stockpile of the white ones sitting in Memphis, awaiting distribution. I prefer FedEx over UPS anyway, so good.

As soon as my iPhone 3G S arrives, I’ll put together a first impressions post for Obsessable and over the next week, I’ll work towards a full review. I’m sure there will be some overflow posts here as well. I know there have already been a whole slew of reviews from all the publications who had early access to the device, but I happen to think I write some of the most thoroughly detailed (and word-heavy) reviews out there, I try to do so very much from the perspective of an end user rather than from the perspective of a reviewer, and since Obsessable is all about obsessing over technology, it’s something I think our audience likes (at least based on the positive comments on all my reviews, I think they are well received). Expect a lot of pictures, a lot of videos, and a lot of words.

Looking at the current tracking info for my iPhone 3G S (At dest sort facility in Newburgh, NY as of 7:15am), I’m guessing it will arrive sometime early afternoon today. Place your bets on arrival time in the comments below.
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If you want more live festivities from today’s iPhone 3G S launch than simply watching my Twitter updates on the package making its way to my house, make sure you check out the various stories about the retail lines waiting for the iPhone 3G S, especially The iLife’s liveblog of its experiences in line at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC and corresponding Ustream, pointed out by my friend Victor Agreda, Jr. over at TUAW. CNET also has a liveblog of the line. Have fun in line, everyone. I decided to avoid the rain and wait in the comfort of my apartment for delivery. ;-)

UPDATE: Looks like somebody has already ripped the new iPhone 3G S asunder to see what’s inside. Most interesting find: the hardware is actually capable of recording 720p HD video. I wonder if Apple will enable that down the road. That would be *very* interesting.

UPDATE, the 2nd: Delivery exception! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

UPDATE, the 3rd: On the truck for delivery! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

UPDATE, the 4th: It’s HERE!!! (Posts about it coming up on Obsessable soon.)

2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G S landing today

  1. Good God, CK, one would think you’d never gotten a gadget before!! (I’m very invested in the saga of you, your iPhone, and fedEx.)

    1. Hahaha. It arrived over an hour ago but I’ve been so busy playing with it I forgot to update this post until I saw your comment. HA.

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