By the end of this week, I will have a new iPhone, a 16GB White iPhone 3G S. I love the note pictured above that reads “Delivers by June 19th.” It’s wrought with possibilities that the new iPhone may arrive a little early if I’m lucky. I think all week, I will be habitually checking my order page to see if there is a “shipped” notification and if there is any tracking notification. This weekend, I spent an odd amount of time thinking about what applications I want to have on my new iPhone. I both evaluated many of the applications that are currently on my first generation iPhone and dismissed many of them as not being worth installing on my new iPhone when it arrives, and I spent time on the App Store browsing through applications that I don’t yet have that I think I may purchase on the new iPhone 3G S. If you use any of the applications listed below, I’d love to hear your take on them.

Applications I think I’ll be buying for my new iPhone 3G S (note: all links in this list will launch iTunes):

  • FTP on the Go—So I can manage bits of this site remotely with just the iPhone.
  • Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite—This is the one I am most interested in hearing what current owners think of it. I’d also like to hear of possible alternatives. I suspect that as soon as I drop the near $20 for this application suite, the next day will be the day that Apple announces something like Pages Mobile for iPhone. Possible alternate: Documents to Go.
  • Bento—This is the one that I’m still on the fence over whether I need it or not. Portable databases are cool, but …
  • textPlus—It’s free so I’ll probably get it.

Of the applications I currently have on my first generation iPhone, I think I’ll be keeping: Skype, Tweetie, Kindle for iPhone app, WordPress, Brushes, Peggle, Bejeweled 2, AIM, Analytics, BeatMaker, Scrabble, Pandora, Bloom, Colors, ColorSplash, Wurdle, Evernote, FourTrack, Last.fm, Mint, LinkedIn, pTerm, Shazam, Showtimes, and that may be it. I’m still not sure.

What apps are you going to install on your new iPhone 3G S, if you’re getting one?

UPDATE: I think my iPhone 3G S is being prepped for shipment right now, as the Order Status screen pictured above has just changed. It suddenly has the added information regarding the AT&T plan that I chose for my new iPhone. I predict sometime today, it will change to SHIPPED and have a tracking number. w00t!

Another UPDATE: Well, my order still hasn’t shifted over to shipped, but it looks like they are starting to process all the pre-orders and a lot of people are seeing “Shipped” and a tracking number. So it’s guaranteed that it will happen today. The only question is how long I will sit obsessively reloading my order information page.

LATER UPDATE: Mine still hasn’t shipped. Boo. However, Erica Sadun, who has been on a GoPhone plan with her first generation iPhone, just like me, received notice from AT&T today that they were basically forcing her out of that plan and into an upgrade. I haven’t yet received a text message like this, but I’m glad that I’d already planned on upgrading to the iPhone 3G S. Otherwise, I would have been infuriated by this AT&T move. More can be found here on this topic.

3 thoughts on “iPhone 3G S should be shipping soon

  1. I will be moving all of my apps over to the 3G S when it finally arrives. I have done my spring cleaning and gotten rid of all the apps that I don’t use, or have found that I don’t like.
    It will be interesting to see if there is a significant boost in load times, and gameplay speed with the existing games.

  2. Shazaam is great for figuring out that song you cant think of. Dictionary.com app. World War s a great new strategy game. Not any action or role playing, but still very addictive for what it is. US Today, eBay, The Weather Channel (love the live radar), apple remote (controls your iTunes or iTV from your phone anywhere in your house, and its a free app), and that is about it for apps that I really like.

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